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Tate a Break

Tate a Break (5)Tate a Break (2)

Went off to the Tate yesterday. As you can see I was prepared for the journey. That Scott film really had an impact on my travel arrangements.
Couldn’t resist a little bit of modelling while I was there. I think my kids were making a hasty exit at this point…

I hope Germaine Richier wouldn’t be too upset by my posing in front of her “Shepherd of the Landes”

If only I’d got round to watching “Downhill Racer” how cool I may have looked. But then again I have seen “Cool Runnings” and ,well, that didn’t seem to rub off.


Colour Grading

Colour Grading

Kingstreetimages’ film “For Want of a Label” now showing at Gibberd Gallery. One of the series of artist films I’ve been making.

The Mouse was Flawed

Mouse that Drawed

Just been off to replace my hi-tech and expensive mouse that I bought a few weeks ago. It has lots of button to play with. Some of which are assignable. Of course, being incredibly efficient I thought this would help with my video and audio work. But the mouse decided to rebel and do things that weren’t assigned. So after talking to it and reasoning with it via various re-boot options it was sent back to be replaced. Let’s hope this one does as it’s told.
Got me thinking about the old Peter Sellers’ film: “The Mouse that Roared”, which was always on television when I was a kid or so it seemed. Now with all the added channels it is either lost in the schedule or banished to be dredged up when a political situation mirrors its quirky yet sometime prescient plot.

Just off to declare war on a cheese roll …


Mät of the Cathartic

Mät  of the Cathartic

Went out to the London Museum yesterday and made half an attempt to walk the galleries with my new footwear encouraged by my previous evening’s viewing of John Mills in Scott of the Antarctic. I’d watched In Which We Serve earlier in the week, and had left the DVD with a couple of Mill’s films on it in the machine so watched it rather than chose it. So as I hobbled along I wasn’t sure of which Arctic explorer I resembled with my crutches and boot. I was still struck at seeing James Robertson Justice not playing a snobby doctor but a Petty Officer without a beard or a posh accent. He ended up keeling over with a severe touch of gangrene without a joke in sight. In the end, and what with my toe, I decided to be Captain Oates of the frostbitten toe, as I’m not sure I could carry off the Scott shuffle. Just off to lunch now.
And yes I may be some time…