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All Crust and no Filling: A metaphor or a missing prop?

Breton_AppleIt’s amazing how quick the year disappears. We’ve been making a promotional film for the Autumn. Yes, that’s what I thought. Aren’t we leaving it a little late. I mean, it’s almost May, and those nights will be drawing in at some point. It was going well, but we kept running out of apples. I can’t  think where they may have gone…

Astonishing how popular baking has become. Must be careful of the flour though. It can play havoc with the camera set up. Still not as bad as filming on a beach where those grains just hunt you down.



Up, up, and away…

We’ve had a few busy weeks with its up and downs on this project. But it’s really been fun.HPlane1

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Dreams and Fantasy at the Gibberd Gallery

Spent some fantastic time working with the Young Curators at the Gibberd Gallery. We were filming the lead up to the show and the incredibly busy private view. Take a look.