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The Art of Wellbeing

King Street Images’ producer Maxine King will be attending the The Art of Wellbeing Conference, Hatfield. Recent studies have shown increasing evidence that participation in culture and creativity can have significant health benefits and, indeed, increase wellbeing.
As part of the conference King Street Images’ film New Connections, which profiles an over 50s dance group based in Watford, will be screened.
King Street Images works across culture, heritage, and the arts in the East of England and London, including projects to promote positive change within communities and organisations.

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Stepping into the Perennial

Stepping into pre-production for our new dance film with innovative dance company. We’ll be in the studio next week.  And it’s great to be in the studio at this time of year as we head into those late afternoon evenings that begin at half past one as you trudge through sodden leaves.  Of course, as you mulch around and make it home before the skies open up you’re sure to turn on the radio ( left on R4  from the morning, much to children’s disgust ) and hear about farmers, school children, early nights, Greenwich Mean Time,  and how summer saving/daylight time is … Sure to be the same debate at the same time next year and the next.

It must be that time of the year again. That time when you think you ought to follow the sun, but realise that the alarm goes off in half an hour.