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Pleasure or Chore

I was up early this morning, and had a lot to do so wanted to go for a run early on in the day. Otherwise something always crops up, and then it’s pushed back, and then back. And then it’s dark. So while waiting for the light to come up, as I wanted to run cross country, I flicked through my iphone’s music. But hey, what if I listened to an educational podcast while running. Let’s optimise that time while I have no distractions. After a moment’s thought I decided that it would be like more work, and it would be a chore rather than a pleasure. Of course, anyone who ‘s seen much less heard my playlist would be hard to convince of any pleasure to be gained.

So I thought, well what would I gain in six months listening to music as opposed to listening to an educational podcast while running. In six months I may have learnt something new and empowering. But would I lose that down time, a time to relax which is what I get from listening to music while running. What would I be left with? I suppose I could always alternate between education and relaxation.

It all seems way too much like hard work, now I’ve started to think about it.  Maybe if I’d chosen the educational podcasts previously I’d understand more about this Protestant work ethic that’s often spoke of.

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