James Gourmet Coffee

James Gourmet Coffee Beans with Melitla Molino Coffee Grinder and Kalita Wave 185
Fresh James Gourmet Coffee Beans Freshly Delivered

Gourmet Beans Online

I ordered these James Gourmet beans coffee online and even during these challenging times it arrived pretty promptly. I have to thank the staff at Herefords, James Gourmet Coffee. So credit to the staff at James Gourmet Coffee, for an efficient service. And of course to our fantastic postal service. Thank you.

Packet of James Gourmet Coffee beans
Fazenda Jacaranda from Brazil via Royal Mail via Ross on Wye

Coffee Dude Without The Robe

I watched a James Hoffman video and he mentioned the Ross and Wye based James Gourmet coffee. Not his roasters but an independent company. So I thought I would give it a try. For any of you who haven’t watched any of James’ videos, he’s a former barista, world champion, coffee expert, coffee author, and is part of square mile roasting. Basically, he is Mr Coffee himself or in a Big Lebowski way, but without the robe, the coffee dude. I went for the Facencda Jacaranda one roast, Brazilian 250 grams, whole bean. Obviously prices vary over time so best to check their website:

Fresh beans make fresh coffee with my Kalita Wave 185

Kalita Wave 185

Before someone else says it I shall beat them to it: I will say that I’m not coffee expert, but I do like a decent cup of coffee. I use a KalitaWave 185 when I’m in the office. It works quite well, and it stops you getting complacent. As every pour requires a little bit of patience and commitment.

Kalita Wave 185 and beaker with Melitta Molino grinder

Melitta Molina

My grinder is a very cheap and cheerful ordinary, Melitta Molina. It works but for some it wouldn’t grind consistently enough. But it works for me. The roast date on this is the 16th of April 2020. It’s says it’s best to use within 12 weeks from roasting.

James Gourmet Coffee Beans packet view from back
Fresh Roast Beans from James Gourmet Coffee

Fresh Coffee Bean Bloom

It’s got a typical one way valve, which lets the carbon dioxide out. I’ve been told, but I’m not an expert that coffee once roasted produces carbon dioxide and therefore it has to escape. It’s all part of the idea of why you should bloom your coffee for thirty seconds, which should allow the gases to escape. There’s some fantastic stuff online. And it really explains why you should bloom your fresh roasted beans.

Brazilian Facenda Jacaranda

After a little bit of rummaging, and tooing and froing on the James Gourmet site I went for the Brazilian Facenda Jacaranda. They have a reasonable variety on their online store. My delivery took a few days. I think the delivery may also be tied up with certain roasting days. I think a lot of roasters have set dates for roasting that fits into their set dates for posting. I suppose it isn’t just a question of popping off to the post office counter. That is if you can find one open.

Post Office Trained?

Here in the United Kingdom there are now fewer dedicated post offices in existence. A lot of the custom has gone to small shops who have a post office counter, like the local Co Op. These in theory can be a good idea as the opening hours are often advertised as matching the store. But in reality there isn’t always someone available who is post office trained. (Sorry, what does this have to do with coffee beans? Fair question, and I agree.)

Mät King with James Gourmet Coffee, Kalita Wave 185, Opinel knife, scales, and Melitta Molino coffee grinder

16 to 0ne

used a ratio of about 16 to one on my James Gourmet Beans. My Melita Molino doesn’t have a wealth of settings but goes from fine to medium to coarse. Always carefully weighed out on my Salter Scales. I went for a medium coarse as I was going to use my Kalita Wave 185.

Melitta Molino Coffee grinder hopper on Salter Scales with James Gourmet Coffee Beans
16 grams of James Gourmet coffee in Melita Molino Coffee Grinder Hopper

God of Grinders

With 16 grams at 16 to one ratio I aim for about three minutes for my completed pour. So I always weigh a little extra for sacrifice to the God of Grinders who invariably purloins, in a polite way or steals in a more open and honest in touch with my emotions way, a gram or so.

Sacrificial Gram

I dropped my 17 grams into the Molino and a gram as expected had gone, never to be seen again. Well, perhaps, when I clean my grinder out it will be lurking just to fall onto my recently vacuumed floor or scrubbed surface.

Ground James Gourmet Coffee Beans in Melitta Molino hopper
Melitta Molino Coffee Grinder Hopper

Cleaning the Grinder

When I use a new bean, I always clean out the grinder including burr, hopper, and nooks and crannies before the main grind. I don’t like to contaminate my new beans and old. Once cleaned I use a few of the new beans to run through the blender just to clear any residue.

Ground James Gourmet Coffee Beans medium grind
Medium Coarse James Gourmet Coffee

Stuck in the Grinder with You

It’s incredible how much coffee is left sitting in the grinder. I don’t think that’s just with the Molino but is one of those first world problems that occupy those with way too much time on their hands. And those with even more, seemingly available, time who write blogs posts and make YouTube videos about it.

Melitta Molino Coffee grinder hopper midway through a grind.
Melitta Molino Coffee Grinder Working Hard for its Keep

Rinse the Kalita Wave Filter

I rinsed out my Kalita Wave 185 filter with hot water, and carefully put in my freshly ground James Gourmet coffee. I tend to double the weight of the coffee for my bloom and let it, hopefully, bubble for thirty seconds or so. Then I slowly pour keeping an eye that the liquid level isn’t leaving too many grounds up and away on the Wave filter. If so I tend to carefully wash them back down, and I mean carefully as I don’t have a gooseneck kettle. And if you’re a tad cavailier with your kettle you may ending up bypasing the filter.

Kettle pouring into Kalita Wave 185 with Melitta Molino, Opinel knife, and ceramics
Pouring hot water on James Gourmet Coffee using Kalita Wave 185

Tasting the Coffee

After about three minutes, the 256 grams of water had been poured. A quick shake of the beaker, and I was ready to taste. I tend to taste the first grind of a new coffee in an old shot glass. This allows it too cool and gives me a better idea of whether I like it or not. Steaming hot coffee is brilliant on some cold mornings but the heat tends to mask the taste.

James Gourmet Coffee Beans on white paper, medium grind
Medium Coarse James Gourmet Coffee on A4 paper

Deep Dark Chocolate…

I took a quick sip of my freshly ground, poured, and decanted coffee. Did I like it? Was it worth all the effort? Did the coffee live up to the cup profile of “deep dark chocolate, lychee, and roasted nuts” listed on the James Gourmet website? Well I’m not sure I tasted roasted nuts or indeed, dark chocolate but I liked it. It was a nice. It had a taste to it. I don’t have coffee language to describe that but I know what I like and I know what I’ve tasted.

Mät King tasting James Gourmet Coffee from shot glass
After a bit of effort a nice James Gourmet Coffee

Was it Worth it?

Was the James Gourmet Coffee worth all the effort? It was for me. Only you can make that judgement whether it’s roasted coffee, a twenty-mile run, or a Netflix marathon. I know what I like. You know what you like. I think the trick is to keep trying to find more things you do like and not having too many things you don’t like on the way.

James Gourmet Coffee Beans with Kalita Wave 185 and Melitta Molino Coffee grinder with picturesque view.
James Gourmet Coffee Beans with Kalita Wave 185 & Melitta Molino Coffee Grinder