X-Ray but no Specs

X- Ray but no Specs

I hadn’t had an X-ray done in years, and was amazed how much I’d changed.
Of course, when you’re sitting there you start to wonder about radiation poisoning, fertility, and other such cheery subjects.
How many X-rays are too many? Should I now avoid the dentist lest he insist?

So what better excuse than to re-watch Hitchcock’s “Rear Window”. I hobbled through a shopping centre on a Saturday and actually found a HMV that was still open. What will we do when they’ve all gone? Those impulse buys won’t be quite the same no matter how fast your fibre-optic that still has those buffering moments when you least expect them. You know those times when you want to watch something as does everybody else. Those times from around five in the afternoon up till about midnight.

So I stuck in “Rear Window” and expected my kids to make a quick exit. But they stuck it out and even seemed to enjoy it. The suspense seemed to be done in just the right way as to induce an element of peril with anticipation. Perhaps, I’ll push my luck and try “North by Northwest” or stick with the Grace Kelly theme and try “Dial M for Murder”.