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Jurassic Samurai

Jurassic Samurai

Almost watched two hours of Seven Samurai this past few weeks. The thing is if you leave the room and you have no one guarding your Dvd player things happen. When you come back your film of choice has been ejected in favour of Jurassic Park or The Lost World or the other sibling from the box set that Santa so ruthlessly distributed.

Then it’s no easy task flicking through the menu to get to the point that you were at before you dared to leave the room. Of course before you even get to that point you have to negotiate the removal of the Jurassic…

In fear of being a dinosaur I didn’t have these problems with VHS. Granted I had no children to battle for control of viewing but I could eject then years later put the same film back in and it would start from exactly where I’d left it.

Still this protracted period of watching Seven Samurai has made me appreciate it all the more for the bite size chunks that seem to induce, a cry of “You’ve watched that before.” from my children before I’m called away to fix something.

But, just maybe, I’m a facilitator and really rather like Jurassic Park and its sequels.

Anyhow, he’s no Yul Brynner…